Open data portal

Open data

Open data is based on the availability of data held or collected by the authorities in a machine-readable format, for the purpose of further use and re-publication and use in any form.
Open data are digital data freely available, which can be reused and continue to be published and provided in a format that can be computerized and analyzed.
In addition, the open data provides the opportunity for the public to access the source data without obstacles, to use them in a way that they consider to be compatible with the mandatory source guidance. In this way, once produced, the data gets a much higher value because they can always be used again, integrated with other data and then again useful to someone else.

The main goals to be achieved are:

Establish a portal that allows searching, linking, downloading and reusing data for commercial and non-commercial purposes through a common metadata catalog
Editing the rights to use publicly published data
Releasing the value of public information as a public good for everyone
Creating a platform on which the data is searchable, scalable, machine-readable and in a format that allows legibility independently of the platform
Encouraging innovative solutions, accelerating employment growth, facilitating the development of socially useful research and services through the use of data in a machine readable code
Establishment of standards in the management of public data

Legal basis

Law on Free Access to Information (Official Gazette of Montenegro, No. 44/2012 and 30/2017);
Directive 2013/37 / EU amending Directive 2003/98 / EC on the repeated use of public sector information highlighting the need for the publication of data sets in machine readable and open format together with metadata;
Global Initiative „Open Partnership Partnership”